Starting a blog….

Ok so this is my attempt to start a baseball card (and other collections) blog. How much I actually “blog” remains to be seen as the main thought process behind starting this up is to have somewhere online that I can share my want lists and trade bait to hopefully prompt trades.

If you haven’t already guessed my name is Jeff and I collect baseball cards 🙂 I live in the UK and I’m mainly a set collector but as a Cardinals fan I also collect Cardinals cards and have the makings of a Yadier Molina player collection. Aside from baseball cards I also collect lego minifigures, various Panini sticker collections (mainly major football championships), US state and national park quarters.

How regularly I make updates/ post blogs is going to be very dependent on work and family (2 and a half year old daughter and a 1 month old son =  not a lot of spare time….or indeed sleep!) but getting the blog up and running is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while so here it is. If no one else sees it other than me then at the very least I can record trades and hopefully keep my lists up to date.


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