So as well as the Yadier Molina card arriving yesterday there were a few other packages as well. All of which contained lego!

First up is an order I placed on bricklink. I was looking for some fence pieces and the seller with the best deal in terms of quantity and price also had a couple of other things I added in as well. First theres a window pane – My London Bridge set has been missing one since I got it last year and this was the perfect opportunity to fix that. And secondly the seller also had a few collectable mini figures, one of which I needed – the Witch from Series 2 (all be it without base plate and broom). This is actually my first minifigure from Series 2 :


The other 2 packages weren’t quite as exciting. 1 contained 3 tan baseplates purchased from ebay and the other 4 road baseplate sets purchased from amazon. All of which will be put to use in my current project to start building a lego city :


Building a lego city you say? Can we have a look you say? Ok well its very much in its infancy and will be based around the modular buildings I have to start with :


So there you’ll see The Pet Shop, Town Hall and Fire Station built and connected with a selection of vechile sets also constructed around them. Nearest is the Grand Emporium which is about half way or so built and then after that I have the Palace Cinema and Haunted House to build. I also have a number of other city sets to add in as well – a couple more vehicles, train station, mine. After that I’ll probably start trying to put together some custom stuff.

Just to complete the picture of the lego side of the study (also quickly becoming known as the lego room much to my wifes despair) here’s whats to the left :


and to the right :


So to the left is the London Bridge model along with the Sopwith Camel, Millenium Falcon models and also a Technic Truck and a bunch of storage boxes. To the right we have a bunch of my storage lego boxes. The big one in the middle contains a load of the old 80s/90s space sets I had as a kid that I’ve started rebuilding – you can also see the Blacktron Base sitting on top. Then also built on top you’ve got Apple Tree Cottage which will be added to the city build and a technic jet fighter. Under the cottage are a bunch of bigger set boxes (the palace cinema and haunted house are on top with some star wars sets and some older sets from my childhood underneath). And in amongst all that lego you’ll also see baseball card storage boxes and albums….


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