Meh? Ok maybe not so meh!

So having pulled a dreaded redemption card I was somewhat dismissive in my post below….

Having now checked it out in more detail turns out I’ve actually done pretty well! The 2012 Ginter Mattingly Auto goes for $200+. So far no 2013 ones have been sold on ebay. There are 3 listed though with the first one due to finish in about 4 hours and is currently at $66. I shall be watching what happens there eagerly with the intention of listing mine in the week.

The Puigs I’ve dropped in price a bit as, while they’re still completely over valued for base cards, they’re not going for quite the crazy prices they were in the first couple of days of release.

In other news Ive got a couple of UK based trades in the pipeline – full details on those when the cards arrive!


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