2 packages arrived over the last 2 days, both from other UK collectors, both of whom are writers at

First up yesterday from Glenn :


3 Short Printed 2013 Heritage cards I needed. Now only 26 SPs and 1 non SP to go for the base set! In return I sent Glenn some Tigers inserts/parallels from Series 2 that he needed.

Then today the following arrived from Andy :




A whole bunch of Archives base cards, SPs and inserts to knock off from my want list. Lovely! I sent Andy a few Allen & Ginter cards in return


I’ve not had much interest in the Allen & Ginter stuff on my trade bait page so over the weekend I’m probably gonna start putting together a package to go to COMC and most of the A&G stuff will probably end up going (including base) so if anyone is interested you probably have until Monday to let me know….. Also Ive got over 100 cards on COMC that Ive bought waiting for me to get round to doing a shipment request so I’ll post some pics of them when I do and then they do finally arrive


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