Hobby Boxes

So with Allen & Ginter still to be released (4 boxes pre-ordered at the start of the year) the itch to open packs once again had to be met. Cue a trip to DACardWorld. Combo deal for Series 1 and Series 2 Hobby boxes. Go on then. And throw in a 2010 Series 1 blaster for under $10 just for fun.

So how did I do….

Well from the blaster I picked up a couple of Cardinals base cards I didn’t have and also a few inserts I didn’t have so that was good. The promised commemorative patch was of Tris Speaker :

Tris Speaker

Other than the Cardinals everything else is available for trade (not that anyone will probably want any of it lol) – see the trade bait page for details

Having previously bought a hobby box of series 1 and 2 earlier in the year I had somewhere around 80%+ of the base cards so I was hopeful of completing the sets with these 2 boxes…. However that wasn’t to be. The Series 1 box was very disappointing from this point of view hardly giving me any new base cards at all. the Series 2 box was a lot better but still leaves me shy of a full set – see my want lists for details.

Insert wise both boxes were a lot better. I didn’t get any new Cardinals inserts (I actually did really well on this front with the boxes earlier in the year) but for the insert sets Im chasing (Cut to the Chase, The Greats, The Elite, World Baseball Classic Stars) I got virtually all new ones. The Series 2 box even had an additional Cut to the Chase (3 instead of 2). Here’s all the new additions :

Dustin Pedroia   Matt Cain Buster Posey T Seaver Sandy KoufaxTom Seaver Hank Aaron Mig Cabrera Johnny BenchDavid Wright

All the other inserts are up for trade – again see trade bait page for details

Both boxes, in addition to the stated hit, gave up a numbered parallel. From the Series 1 box it was a Black Addison Reed numbered 28/64 and from the Series 2 box it was a Camo AJ Griffin numbered 94/99 :

Addison reed AJ Griffin

That just leaves the hits. The Series 1 box gave up a Jarrod Parker and the Series 2 box gave up a Justin Verlander relic :

Jarrod Parker Justin Verlander

Again all up for trade.


Overall a definite victory for the Series 2 box I think. It knocked off more of my base wants, gave up an additional Cut to the Chase and had the better hit I think. The only downside was 3 of the 4 WBC Stars inserts were ones I already had.


Ok so check out both my want list and trade pages which are updated with all of this. In a couple of months time, post A&G collecting/trading, I’ll no doubt be sending another batch of cards to COMC to sell (to fund more purchases naturally) so get in touch if you want to trade as some of this lot will get sent as well – leave a message or send me an email.


Topps Lineage Online Redemption

A pleasant surprise in the mail today – I filled out an online redemption for a Lou Brissie autograph earlier in the year when I pulled the redemption card from a box of Topps Lineage and today it arrived. Here it is alongside the redemption card (all be it on the squiff due to my inability to use a scanner):

Lou1 Lou2


As I’m not that bothered about autos and its not a Cardinal it will be available for trade…..

Starting a blog….

Ok so this is my attempt to start a baseball card (and other collections) blog. How much I actually “blog” remains to be seen as the main thought process behind starting this up is to have somewhere online that I can share my want lists and trade bait to hopefully prompt trades.

If you haven’t already guessed my name is Jeff and I collect baseball cards 🙂 I live in the UK and I’m mainly a set collector but as a Cardinals fan I also collect Cardinals cards and have the makings of a Yadier Molina player collection. Aside from baseball cards I also collect lego minifigures, various Panini sticker collections (mainly major football championships), US state and national park quarters.

How regularly I make updates/ post blogs is going to be very dependent on work and family (2 and a half year old daughter and a 1 month old son =  not a lot of spare time….or indeed sleep!) but getting the blog up and running is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while so here it is. If no one else sees it other than me then at the very least I can record trades and hopefully keep my lists up to date.