I think I’ll watch some baseball

So the cards are currently playing the pirates in the rubber game of a 3 game series. 3 games back we really need to win this one. And it’s an afternoon game which means I can watch it on mlb tv in the evening UK time and it’ll finish at a reasonable time as well.

So kids are in bed, dinner is eaten, wife is on phone to mother in law – time to boot up mlb tv on the ipad. Ok we’re in the top of the 5th, no problem – still get half a game to watch. Score is 0-0, Lynn pitching, no outs, no one on…..

single, RBI double, 2 run home run. Pirates 3-0 still no one out. Ok we’re done with that. Bloody cardinals. Wonder what’s on the tv…..


2 packages arrived over the last 2 days, both from other UK collectors, both of whom are writers at http://thewaxfantastic.wordpress.com/

First up yesterday from Glenn :


3 Short Printed 2013 Heritage cards I needed. Now only 26 SPs and 1 non SP to go for the base set! In return I sent Glenn some Tigers inserts/parallels from Series 2 that he needed.

Then today the following arrived from Andy :




A whole bunch of Archives base cards, SPs and inserts to knock off from my want list. Lovely! I sent Andy a few Allen & Ginter cards in return


I’ve not had much interest in the Allen & Ginter stuff on my trade bait page so over the weekend I’m probably gonna start putting together a package to go to COMC and most of the A&G stuff will probably end up going (including base) so if anyone is interested you probably have until Monday to let me know….. Also Ive got over 100 cards on COMC that Ive bought waiting for me to get round to doing a shipment request so I’ll post some pics of them when I do and then they do finally arrive

Meh? Ok maybe not so meh!

So having pulled a dreaded redemption card I was somewhat dismissive in my post below….

Having now checked it out in more detail turns out I’ve actually done pretty well! The 2012 Ginter Mattingly Auto goes for $200+. So far no 2013 ones have been sold on ebay. There are 3 listed though with the first one due to finish in about 4 hours and is currently at $66. I shall be watching what happens there eagerly with the intention of listing mine in the week.

The Puigs I’ve dropped in price a bit as, while they’re still completely over valued for base cards, they’re not going for quite the crazy prices they were in the first couple of days of release.

In other news Ive got a couple of UK based trades in the pipeline – full details on those when the cards arrive!

Allen & Ginter is busted!

So 4 boxes arrived yesterday and 4 boxes have been opened today. How did I do? Well I didn’t do as good as last years 4 boxes…..which isn’t surprising when last years boxes contained a 1/1 Verlander Printing Plate and a #/5 Jackie Robinson Rip Card.

But I did alright. My aim with Ginter is going to be to complete the base set and all the inserts (full size and mini) and to get all the Cardinals relics and to that end I have made very good progress. Beyond that it depends on what hits I get as to what I do with them (ie keep, make available for trade or sell)

First out the box is of course the box toppers so lets take a look at the 4 that I got :

A&G 1 TroutA&G 6 WWA&G 10 WWA&G 14 Mig

Now I actually like both these sets a lot. Last year I had no interest in collecting the N43 box topper set – it didn’t take me at all. I really like these black and white oversized cards and also the wonders of the World set looks great. So I might think about collecting them. The problem of course is storage/display of these oversized sets so it will require some thought before plunging in.

Next up the base cards. Well I completed the non short printed set 1-300. The first 2 boxes I didn’t get many dupes but the 3rd box was a disaster with only about 5 or 6 new base cards. Luckily the 4th box came to the rescue and filled in all the gaps. As for the short prints it was the 3nd box that was the culprit this time with only 4 new ones I didn’t have from the first box. Boxes 3 and 4 then proceeded to produce all new ones so Im left needed just 13 out of the 50 SPs.

That said I am gonna have to find myself a new card number #44 at some point. why’s that? well Card #44 is Yasiel Puig. I pulled 2 of them and given the ridiculous prices they are selling for on ebay at the moment that’s exactly where they’ve both gone straight away. I currently have them listed for a buy it now price of £24.99 (approx. $37) with free shipping. That’s for 2 base cards. Insane. That isn’t sustainable so lets hope mine sell and then if I don’t manage to trade for one I should be able to pick it up from COMC for a hell of a lot less in a few months time. Here’s the Puigs in all their glory :


Before we move on to the more interesting stuff lets take a look at these 2 cards from the base set :

A&G Walton 1

Its the same card right? Well no because as you’ll no doubt see there’s a green tinge behind one head and an orange tinge behind the other. So what’s going on? Let take a look at the back :

A&G Walton 2

Exactly the same….oh no different number! One is Card number 100 and the other is SP Card number 350. The same non baseball player twice in the set with exactly the same photo…..Ummm Topps WTF? Hopefully someone gets fired for that but somehow I doubt it. Probably promoted for saving money on number of photos / printing plates needed….

Right onto the inserts and hits. I’m not gonna show every insert I got. It’d take forever. I will show every hit but first to give a flavour of the inserts and minis here’s a few photos of what was in box 1 :


The inserts shouldn’t be anything new for fans of Ginter. Designs are similar to what we’ve seen in the past. As I said above I’m going after all the insert sets and this is where I did really well. The Across the Years 100 card insert set I got 49 unique and 1 dupe. Out of the other full size inserts sets I only picked up 2 dupes and they are on the 10 card martial Mastery set which I only now need 1 for anyway. And all the minis were unique.

The mini parallels of the main set I’m yet to decide what to do with. I’m toying with the idea of chasing a complete parallel set but that could be quite painstaking and costly.

So onto the main event – the hits. According to the box and the literature surrounding A&G this year we are guaranteed 3 hits which could be autographs, relics, printing plates, rip cards or book cards. Now as I said above I didn’t do as well as last year so there;s no rip card/printing plate this time (or indeed book card). However the eagle eyed among you may well have spotted in the photos above that there aren’t just 3 autos/relics coming out of box number 1. Nope there’s 4! Bonus hit!! And even better, 2 of the hits are Cardinals Relics! Yep Box 1 was definitely the best of the 4 boxes. Its all down here from now lol

Here they are up close and personal :

A&G 2 IkeA&G 3 JayA&G 4 GoldA&G 5 Furcal

The Jon Jay and Rafael Furcal go straight into the Cardinals collection. The Ike Davis and Paul Goldschmidt will be available for trade / sale.

Box 2 then. Well it was a disappointment on the SP front and it was also somewhat of a disappointment on the hit front. Here comes the dreaded R word….Redemption!

A&G 7 NadA&G 8 WeaverA&G 9 Don

A redemption and a patch from a Lacrosse Coach. meh! All available for trade.

Box 3 and things get better again :

A&G 11 HardyA&G 12 BumA&G 13 Shelby

Hello Shelby! I obviously got the Cardinals hot boxes….and Im not complaining about that! Not being an autograph collector though leaves me in a quandary. It is very very pretty so do I add it to my collection? Do I sell now? Do I sell later? Has anyone got anything equally as pretty to trade for it? Decisions decisions…. The other 2 are of course available for trade/sale/COMC bound if no takers

Last box then and not a bad one by any stretch of the imagination :

A&G 15 ZimmA&G 16 LuebkeA&G 17 Yu

Pitchers all the way here and some pretty good ones at that. None that I want to keep long term but Zimmermann and Darvish are both Cy Young candidates and if / when they win the award this year or further down the line their cards are gonna go up in values. Both are probably worth holding onto for now. The Luebke though is available for trade.


So there we go. Boxes busted. Want list and Trade bait sections are updated so please check them out and get in touch if you want to trade – leave a reply or send me an email!

Allen & Ginter is in the UK!!

Mr UPS man has just been and this is what he brought :


and inside what do we have….





And with that teaser I must be off to nursery to collect little miss. Probably wont get a chance to open any now today but I think we all know what I will be doing tomorrow!


So as well as the Yadier Molina card arriving yesterday there were a few other packages as well. All of which contained lego!

First up is an order I placed on bricklink. I was looking for some fence pieces and the seller with the best deal in terms of quantity and price also had a couple of other things I added in as well. First theres a window pane – My London Bridge set has been missing one since I got it last year and this was the perfect opportunity to fix that. And secondly the seller also had a few collectable mini figures, one of which I needed – the Witch from Series 2 (all be it without base plate and broom). This is actually my first minifigure from Series 2 :


The other 2 packages weren’t quite as exciting. 1 contained 3 tan baseplates purchased from ebay and the other 4 road baseplate sets purchased from amazon. All of which will be put to use in my current project to start building a lego city :


Building a lego city you say? Can we have a look you say? Ok well its very much in its infancy and will be based around the modular buildings I have to start with :


So there you’ll see The Pet Shop, Town Hall and Fire Station built and connected with a selection of vechile sets also constructed around them. Nearest is the Grand Emporium which is about half way or so built and then after that I have the Palace Cinema and Haunted House to build. I also have a number of other city sets to add in as well – a couple more vehicles, train station, mine. After that I’ll probably start trying to put together some custom stuff.

Just to complete the picture of the lego side of the study (also quickly becoming known as the lego room much to my wifes despair) here’s whats to the left :


and to the right :


So to the left is the London Bridge model along with the Sopwith Camel, Millenium Falcon models and also a Technic Truck and a bunch of storage boxes. To the right we have a bunch of my storage lego boxes. The big one in the middle contains a load of the old 80s/90s space sets I had as a kid that I’ve started rebuilding – you can also see the Blacktron Base sitting on top. Then also built on top you’ve got Apple Tree Cottage which will be added to the city build and a technic jet fighter. Under the cottage are a bunch of bigger set boxes (the palace cinema and haunted house are on top with some star wars sets and some older sets from my childhood underneath). And in amongst all that lego you’ll also see baseball card storage boxes and albums….

Yadi ebay purchase

This arrived yesterday in the mail :



An ebay purchase from Hong Kong with free shipping!

Its a very nice card but one thing I have noticed now I have the card in person is that his face in the picture doesn’t actually look much like Yadi…. Its definitely him though as you can see the tattoo on his arm.

Hobby Boxes

So with Allen & Ginter still to be released (4 boxes pre-ordered at the start of the year) the itch to open packs once again had to be met. Cue a trip to DACardWorld. Combo deal for Series 1 and Series 2 Hobby boxes. Go on then. And throw in a 2010 Series 1 blaster for under $10 just for fun.

So how did I do….

Well from the blaster I picked up a couple of Cardinals base cards I didn’t have and also a few inserts I didn’t have so that was good. The promised commemorative patch was of Tris Speaker :

Tris Speaker

Other than the Cardinals everything else is available for trade (not that anyone will probably want any of it lol) – see the trade bait page for details

Having previously bought a hobby box of series 1 and 2 earlier in the year I had somewhere around 80%+ of the base cards so I was hopeful of completing the sets with these 2 boxes…. However that wasn’t to be. The Series 1 box was very disappointing from this point of view hardly giving me any new base cards at all. the Series 2 box was a lot better but still leaves me shy of a full set – see my want lists for details.

Insert wise both boxes were a lot better. I didn’t get any new Cardinals inserts (I actually did really well on this front with the boxes earlier in the year) but for the insert sets Im chasing (Cut to the Chase, The Greats, The Elite, World Baseball Classic Stars) I got virtually all new ones. The Series 2 box even had an additional Cut to the Chase (3 instead of 2). Here’s all the new additions :

Dustin Pedroia   Matt Cain Buster Posey T Seaver Sandy KoufaxTom Seaver Hank Aaron Mig Cabrera Johnny BenchDavid Wright

All the other inserts are up for trade – again see trade bait page for details

Both boxes, in addition to the stated hit, gave up a numbered parallel. From the Series 1 box it was a Black Addison Reed numbered 28/64 and from the Series 2 box it was a Camo AJ Griffin numbered 94/99 :

Addison reed AJ Griffin

That just leaves the hits. The Series 1 box gave up a Jarrod Parker and the Series 2 box gave up a Justin Verlander relic :

Jarrod Parker Justin Verlander

Again all up for trade.


Overall a definite victory for the Series 2 box I think. It knocked off more of my base wants, gave up an additional Cut to the Chase and had the better hit I think. The only downside was 3 of the 4 WBC Stars inserts were ones I already had.


Ok so check out both my want list and trade pages which are updated with all of this. In a couple of months time, post A&G collecting/trading, I’ll no doubt be sending another batch of cards to COMC to sell (to fund more purchases naturally) so get in touch if you want to trade as some of this lot will get sent as well – leave a message or send me an email.

Topps Lineage Online Redemption

A pleasant surprise in the mail today – I filled out an online redemption for a Lou Brissie autograph earlier in the year when I pulled the redemption card from a box of Topps Lineage and today it arrived. Here it is alongside the redemption card (all be it on the squiff due to my inability to use a scanner):

Lou1 Lou2


As I’m not that bothered about autos and its not a Cardinal it will be available for trade…..